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The Gospel of Mark Challenge
-Part I
-Part II
-Part III
-Part IV
-Part V
-Part VI
-Further Reflections

Seasonal Reflections

Preparing for Advent (Advent 2007)
Sleepers Wake! (Advent 2007)
Imagine (Advent 2008)
Justice and Righteousness; Comfort and Joy (Advent 2009)
The Lord Has Comforted His People (Christmas 2008)
Christ was Born for This! (Christmas 2009)
God is Not Dead, Nor Doth He Sleep (Christmas 2010)
What a Mighty Love was Thine! (Christmas 2011)
Arise, Shine! (Candlemas 2011)

Lent/Holy Week/Easter
Considering the Furniture of our Spiritual Lives (Lent 2009)
Slowing Down (Lent 2010)
Thou Hatest Nothing Thou Hast Made (Ash Wednesday 2011)
Darkness Cannot Overcome the Light (Holy Week 2010)
Sing My Tongue the Glorious Battle (Good Friday 2010)
The Lord is My Shepherd (Eastertide 2009)
You Are Witnesses to These Things (Eastertide 2010)

Other Occasions
On Remembrance (Remembrance Day 2007)
You Did Not Choose Me, I Chose You (St. Benedict's Day, 2010)
Hope in Bereavement - What We Can Learn from Gergory of Nyssa (St. Gregory's Day, 2010)
God Endures Unchanging On (A Reflection for the 160th Anniversary of Trinity Church, Bradford)

Reflections on the Anglican Tradition
On Article XXVIII
Come Down, O Love Divine
The Back Pew
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

Reading the Bible
Part I - The Daily Office Lectionary as a Tool
Part II - Tools, Helps, and Resources
Part III - Choosing the Right Translation

Personal Reflections
My Grandfather's Books
Even at the Grave we Make Our Song (a reflection on death)

Reflections on the Journey
Reflections on the Journey: A Prologue
Reflections on the Journey: Part I - A Chorister Named Ron
Reflections on the Journey: Part II - Photographer's Choice and a Proprietor Named Al

Reflections on Continuing Indaba
I and Thou, and Indaba

Other Topics
On Obedience
On Empathy and Keeping an Open Mind
Why Was Peter Fishing Naked?

Canadian Churchman's Round-up (A Compendium of Thoughtful Anglican Blogs)
Churchman's Round-up #1 (June 2011)

Restoring a Reed Organ
Part 1 - The Gift
Part 2 - Identification
Part 3 - Resources
Part 4 - An Overview of the Instrument
Part 5 - Beginning the Disassembly
Part 6 - Removing the Upper Action