Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Canadian Churchman's Round-up: A Compendium of Thoughtful Anglican Blogs, Issue #2

Every once in a while, the Canadian Churchman like to offer a “round up” of some of the interesting Anglican blogs and posts that out there in the blogosphere. I am not really interested in blogs that simply post snippets of news items or in blogs that are vehemently idealistically driven (from either the conservative or liberal perspectives).  What the Churchman enjoys reading are blogs that put some effort into theological reflection and seek to edify their readers.  It seems like these thoughtful Anglican blogs are often neglected, or buried under the weight of the sheer multitude of polemical religious bloggers.  Recent months have seen some very thoughtful posts indeed.  Here are a few of the Churchman’s recent favourites:

Faithful readers of this blog will know that the Churchman’s good friend, the Vicar of Wakefield, always writes in a thoughtful, reasoned and irenic way, which would make their shared hero Richard Hooker proud.  When the news hit this week that an ancient manuscript had been discovered which revealed that apparently Jesus had a wife that we have never heard of, the Vicar was quick into the fray to explain some things.  Even if the manuscript were even from the second century (and it is likely later), this does not necessarily mean that it is proof that Jesus was married.  The good Vicar uses the opportunity, though, to talk a bit about the role of women in the church over the years.

Over at Andrew's Version, the Warden of Trinity College, Melbourne reflects on the household code of Ephesians (which recently came up on the lectionary) with a thoughtful reflection on how that passage must be contextualized.  He also briefly considers the rather odd theology of submission that has been emerging in the Diocese of Sydney with respect to the marriage liturgy.

I should also draw your attention to "The Community," which is described as "a place for Canadian Anglicans to get together and talk about the Church."  It is a minstry of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, and features several theme-specific blogs.  Fr. Matthew Griffin blogs on the liturgy, and he recently interviewed the Vicar of Wakefield about his experiences of liturgy in both the Canadian and American churches (in several parts! Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  He as also has an interview with your favourite Canadian Churchman about the healing ministry.

The always thoughtful Laurel Massé struggles with the recent "Pussy Riot sacrilege" and the riots that have resulted over the release of an anti-Muslim film. She ably grapples with themes of religious offense, freedom of speech, and deliberate provaocation, and does so through the lens of the biblical term "skandalon."

A thoughtful series on the Nicene Creed is unfolding at Interrupting the Silence.  The articles are characterized by a balance of historical context, theological reflection and practical application.  What I like best, though, is that study questions are provided to encourage the reader to deeper reflection. They would also serve as a helpful resource for clergy or lay leaders leading sessions on the Creed. To date, four parts have been published (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) with the latest entitled "Five Things We Believe About God."

"New Song to the Lord" is a collection of original lyrics by the Rev. Mark Kinghan set to traditional hymn tunes and metres.  Most of the hymns are seasonal and lectionary-based.  The most recent hymn is for the Feast of St. Mary, based on the Magnficat.  Those planning contemporary-language evening prayer services might consider using this version of the Mag!

One of our great Canadian liturgists, the Rev. Dr. Richard Leggett, faithfully posts his sermons most Sundays and has also provided some wonderful seasonal ordos for the Daily Office.  His Liturgy Pacific blog is always highly recommended both for his edifying sermons and his wise liturgical counsel!

This short compendium of thoughful Anglican blogs should keep you reading for a little while!  Please let me know about the blogs that you come across and I will be happy to included them in future editions of the "Round-Up." 

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