Monday, July 12, 2010

Bishop William Hockin appointed Interim Priest-in-charge of Holy Trinity Church

I am pleased to announce that our area Bishop, the Rt. Rev. George Elliott, has appointed the Rt. Rev. William Hockin, the Eighth Bishop of Fredericton (ret.) as Interim Priest-in-charge of Holy Trinity Church, effective September 1st, 2010. Bishop Hockin’s first Sunday with us will be September 5th.

Bishop Hockin received a licentiate in theology from the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Sask), in 1963, his BA from Waterloo Lutheran University in 1967 and holds three honorary doctorate degrees. He was ordained a deacon in 1962 and was priested in 1963. From 1962-1966 he was the Assistant Curate of All Saints’ Church, Windsor, ON, and later the rector of St. John’s Tillsonburg and St. Stephen’s Culloden, the Rector of St George’s London, and St. Paul’s Bloor Street. He also served as the chaplain to Havergal College from (1986-1993). In 1996 he left St. Paul’s Bloor Street to become the Dean of Fredericton and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral and in 1998 was elected co-adjutor bishop of Fredericton and in the year 2000 became the eighth diocesan bishop of Fredericton. He retired in 2003.

Bishop Hockin is married to Isabelle, and they are looking forward to moving into the area in late August and joining us in September.

Fr. Dan


Janet Day said...

My husband and I are presently reading Bishop Hockin's book God for a Monday Morning, and find it absolutely amazing and inspiring.. We would love the opportunity to meet with Bishop Hockin, in the future, if he ever has a moment to spare in his busy schedule, just to chat over a cup of tea...I don't know if he would ever be travelling in the direction of Sarnia Ontario anytime soon, but we would be delighted to meet him either in our own home or a place of his choosing, we feel we know him already, just from his sincere writing...God Bless..our e-mail address is

Daniel Graves said...


Thank you for your comment. I am glad you are enjoying Bishop Bill's book. I have passed along your message to him. Thanks for taking the time to drop by the site!

My very best regards,
Fr. Dan

Anonymous said...

It is great news indeed to hear that Bill Hockins is still active and serving. I hope that we can once again share a meal and good conversation.

Mark Gilliam