Reed Organ Restoration

On this page you will find links to posts describing a special project that the Canadian Churchman and the father of the Father have undertaken:  The restoration of an old Mason and Hamlin reed (pump) organ.  We began this project in the summer of 2012 and it is ongoing.  This is our first organ restoration project and we are having fun and learning a lot as we work on it.  Click on the links to check our progress!

Pictured is Father Dan's father, Dave Graves, working on the action
of our Mason and Hamlin reed organ.
Mason and Hamlin Organ Restoration:
Part 1 - the Gift
Part 2 - Identification
Part 3 - Resources
Part 4 - An Overview of the Instrument
Part 5 - Beginning the Disassembly
Part 6 - Removing the Action
Part 7 - Investigating the Action
Part 8 - Viewing the Windchest
Part 9 - Removing, Stripping, & Cleaning the Bellows
Part 10 - Fixing the Splinter

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